This website contains a companion guide to Emma Donoghue’s novel Life Mask.  

Set in late 18th century England, Life Mask  follows the lives and relationships of three real people: Anne Seymour Damer, Edward Smith-Stanley (12th Earl of Derby), and Eliza Farren.  With painstaking research, Emma Donoghue’s novel follows close to reality  most of the time.  This website provides information, questions, and opinions to help the reader of Life Mask wade through any “fact vs. fiction” questions and gain further insight into not only the novel, but also this fascinating time in history.

Two biographies of Anne Damer have been published in the last few years:

The Life of Anne Damer by Jonathan Gross – full disclosure, my former professor, brilliant man, and I did help with the index.  This website was inspired by a class project for him.

Mrs. D: The Life of Anne Damer


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